Founder & Ceo - Clovekwealth Investment Advisory Firm

PG -Investment Advisory (SEBI)

CLOVEKWEALTH is a SEBI Registered Investment advisory firm (RIA) with an experienced team and over 90 years of market experience. CLOVEKWEALTH is managing over 250 Crore assets in direct equity and secondary investment products. With numerous HNI and retail client network CLOVEKWEALTH’s mission is to improve direct investing among all classes of investors and rendering unbiased investing advice to masses. Cultivating sustainable financial habits in people with digitally aided solutions.

Nature of Business

  • Curated Stock Portfolio
  • Investment Solutions
  • Fee based Portfolio
  • Customised Research Solutions


We act as fiduciary for our clients. Always put our client’s interest before ours. We ensure in depth research is carried out and insights are gathered, processed and analysed before making an investment recommendation so that our clients can rely upon us.